Software Platform Pricing

How do you evaluate the pricing of POS software?

Fair Pricing - We know how hard you work for your money and how difficult it can be when you have an off month. That is why High Trek charges a small percentage based on actual revenue. This method is great for seasonal businesses that have some down months or for when you have a surprise bad month or two (such as what many businesses experienced during COVID lockdown times). The percentage model also incentivizes us to work as your business partner, because when you grow, we grow too. The percentage we charge ranges from 0.7% to 2%, depending on your annual revenue, the larger your revenue the lower your rate. (Compare this to some booking solutions that charge 3%-6%) The more revenue you do the lower your percentage. We also have no setup fees and you won't see your first invoice until the month after you start transacting.

Customer Paid Software Fee - Maybe you are one of those businesses that would like to include all the software fees as an additional service charge or fee that is passed on to the customer during checkout. You can do that with High Trek POS too!  We have the tools so you can charge customers the equivalent percentage we charge or any rate that you decide. To best assess POS software pricing, take the time to calculate how much the software provider is collecting directly from you and your customer per year and compare. Our recommendation is to build the fee into the retail price of your services rather than charge an additional fee, but it is totally up to each business to decide.

All-Inclusive Pricing - Are you turned off by software packages that seem to offer a great value, only to find out later that you don't have access to all the features and benefits. We don't like that either. That is why our complete software suite is offered for one subscription. There are no tiers or modules you need to purchase. The solution includes the Online Booking, Point of Sale, Quote Tool & CRM, transactional emails, season passes, e-gift cards, accounting integration, digital waivers, and much more.

It's not all about Price - Don't make the monthly subscription cost your primary criteria for selecting your software solution. Often the old adage is true, you get what you pay for. We try to charge a fair price, but we also try to deliver our clients significantly more value than other solutions. Our clients have found we have added significant value by reducing labor costs, reducing accounting costs (some clients have paid for their subscription through reduction in accounting costs alone), making their marketing spend more efficient , increasing their overall sales and avg ticket, and eliminating other software subscriptions you are paying for.  Many clients have also reported savings in reduced training time from the simplification achieved through working with one simple integrated solution.

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