Revenue Optimization

Increase per Capita Spend

So, your marketing efforts have worked and you managed to get a new customer to visit your business. The next step is to maximize the opportunity and get the customer to spend the maximum amount at your venue. To accomplish this we help our clients use a number of merchandising techniques including product upsells and multi-activity packages.

Online Upsells/Add-Ons

There are a number of ways that you can increase the attachment rate of addons/upsell items. You can provide price breaks when customers purchase the items in advance or if customer has purchased one of your activities you can encourage the customer to stay longer by offering additional experiences that the customer was not originally considering for a discounted rate. In the example shown, the items are offered when a customer is purchasing axe throwing and was not even aware that the venue had Virtual Reality. Providing these additional items at 50% off increases product awareness and sales, plus it keeps the customer at the venue longer which is more likely to increase F&B sales.

Tailored Upsells based on product selection

With High Trek POS, you can personalize the upsell offers by product category or the specific product being purchased. Varying your offering based on the type of product and customer will also create higher attachment rates. For example we encourage clients to offer different upsells for groups or birthday packages than they would offer to a General Admission purchase. Or in some cases certain activities may compliment other experiences better than others. In this example Goody Bags and Climbing Guides are paired with birthday party packages to take pressure off of the parent hosting the party.

Increase Closure Rates with Quotations & Auto Follow Ups

High Trek POS provides a number of ways for you to increase your conversion rates and close group sales through the use of automatic proactive communication. These types of communications include abandoned cart emails, quote expiration emails, and discount expiration emails. These tools are effective at re-engaging the customers and creating urgency in order to get the prospective customer to complete their purchase.

Dynamic Pricing (Coming Soon)

You see dynamic pricing everywhere now, airlines, Disney, ski resorts, and uber. Customers are getting more familiar with these models everyday. We will have the capability to dynamically change prices at the date level as well as the time increment level within a given day. Clients will have the ability to control the parameters that impact the pricing including day of week, holidays, number of days booked in advance and the overall capacity of the activity that is being booked.
Dynamic pricing is the ultimate tool to not only maximize your revenue, but also create a better customer experience and make things easier on the staff by spreading the visitors out so that you have a more consistent attendance levels throughout the day. This is done by incentivizing customers to come when it is less busy and charging a premium for customers that want to come during peak hours.

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