High Trek POS Feature List

complete software package eliminates unwanted software subscriptions

Most businesses are using many different software products to operate their business. Consolidate functions into one software solution for Online Booking, Point of Sale, Online Waivers, Merchandise, Customer Management, and Email Communication. Our software combines all the features and eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions.

Extensive Feature List

Date Based Event Tickets - Sell tickets for specific date with limited capacity and availability. Upsell addon items during the checkout process.
Time Based Event Tickets - For those activities where you need even more control of your resources. Our system can control tickets from 1 hour intervals all the way down to 5 minute time slots with specific capacities that can be scheduled.
Gate Admission - Open ended tickets that can be purchased online and redeemed at gate efficiently with scanning of QR code on the customers order receipt.
Online Booking - Mobile optimized checkout so your customers can order tickets on line and skip the line at the venue.
Cash Management - Full fledged cash tracking, open and close registers, and reporting
Inventory Tracking on Items and Merchandise
Barcode & QR Scanner Compatible - Works with most USB barcode scanners for quick and easy merchandise checkout.
Simple interface - touch friendly interface that requires minimal tracking
Split Tender - Accept multiple payments from multiple cards or payment types.
Open Tab Functionality - Keeping a tab open allows customers to purchase services, food, and merchandise throughout their time at the venue. Allowing customers to pay at their convenience results in a higher overall ticket and eliminates unnecessary transaction fees.
Customizable Waivers - Configurable fields, expirations, and ability to limit the friction required when collecting waivers
Group Waiver Management - Portal for guests to manage their events and their participant lists.
Support for Minors - waivers can be completed at the same time as the parent/guardian is completing their own waiver. One Adult can add multiple children under their account and complete the waiver for all minors in the family at one time.
Record Retention - PDF documents are stored in AWS Cloud storage and is retained for a minimum of 7 years. Records are backed up regularly in company repository as well as a copy can be carbon copied to an email address of your choosing as well as a copy is emailed to the Adult completing the waiver.
Waiver Assignment/Validation - Every participant must be verified and assigned before tickets will be issued.  This process acts as a check and balance to make sure that every customer has a valid waiver before participating.  When you use a 3rd party waiver software it is very easy for customers to slip through without a waiver.

Customer Relationship Management

Centralized CRM - All contacts, transactions, waivers, and data are all collected in a single system and datastore. No need for import and exporting.
Customer Tagging - This capability lets you group and classify your customers using tags.  You can then provide special discounts or marketing to specific groups of customers.
Detailed Customer History - Customer history and loyalty is automatically saved under the customers account so you can easily view purchases and account balances.

Season Pass / Membership

Pass Duration Options - You can select either fixed start dates like Jan 1st to establish a Season Pass that is good for a specific calendar year or create a pass with flexible start dates which will provide the ability for a pass that is good for a duration from the date of purchase.
Multiple Activities & Entitlements - When a season pass is defined, you can specify specific activities and services that the pass holder is entitled to. For example, you could simply provide gate admission for a water park or provide a capacity based activity like a 2 hour climb on a ropes course.
Exclusive Member Discounts - Using the High Trek POS discount engine you can create discounts that are triggered by season pass ownership. For example you could create a discount off General Admission companion tickets or provide season ticket holders with a percentage off all food and beverage purchases.
Family Passes - Our solution will link season passes together that are purchased at the same time into a family group. This allows for quicker check-in and gate access since your staff can pull up any individual in the party and then view all of the related pass holders at the same time as shown below.
Photo Verification - Prevent unauthorized sharing of seasons passes by collecting photos of season pass holders for verification purposes.
Custom Order Modifiers - Support for product modifiers that allow to order food they want it prepared.
Online Food Ordering - Increase your order volume with fewer staff and provide a better customer experience by adding online food ordering capabilities and kitchen fulfillment queue.
Kitchen Tickets - Direct printing to kitchen for food preparation optimization.
Group online sales - One of the most powerful and oft underappreciated opportunities is to add standard group packages to the website. Simply use our group scheduling software and watch your group sales soar! Get creative and you'll be able to find several opportunities with this feature.
Group Offsets - From our experiences, we know when a large group come thru, it often takes longer than expected to get the experience started. This can throw off the rest of the schedule for the day. For this reason, we have created the offset feature where you can add a half hour or so buffer at the start of the event so the next group doesn't book and arrive before you're ready. It also is a powerful feature for scheduling rooms. For example, Activity Room A for the first 45 minutes of the party followed by Party Room B for the next 45 minutes. There is no need to manually schedule these events as they will be built into your package. This will save you and your staff a great deal of stress and it will allow you to put your best foot forward in terms of service and professionalism.
Deposits - Collect deposits from customers when they book in advance. Customers will be required to pay the balance at the time of the event. Customize deposit requirements at the product level or provide a custom deposit amount on your quotation.
Facility Bookings - Facility Bookings Rentals of party rooms, cabanas, pavilions, and tents. Facilities can be configured to scheduling increments as small as 15 minutes and as large as all day. You can also configure items that will handle entire venue rentals and reserve all resources in your facility.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

Ease of Purchase - With High Trek POS, guests can purchase digital gift cards in-store or online as well as all gift cards can be redeemed in-store or online.
Customize the Experience - When purchasing digital gift cards, your customers can select the amount, include a personalized message, and choose if they want the gift card emailed or texted to the recipient immediately or at a later date and time.
Work across locations - If you have multiple locations in your organization, the eGift Cards can be used at any location in your organization.
Ticket Vouchers can be purchased for specific experiences and then redeemed any time the customer would like to book in the future. Our system allows you to create your own Groupon style vouchers.
Rain Checks & Bulk Inclement Weather Handling - In life things happen to disrupt our plans and our customers plans. In some cases it could be a storm coming through the area or wild fires that are impacting the air quality. When these events occur we have a solution to help you quickly and efficiently issue rain checks to your clients and allow them to "Self-Service" re-schedule their activity.
Bundling - When promoting items or services, it can be a powerful feature to bundle items together. For example, a group party package may include 1hr admission for 10 to the trampoline area as well as 45 minutes in the party room. This would be a bundled product and by leveraging the High Trek POS software, would be a seamless process that would safeguard against overbooking and human error.
Self-Service Rescheduling - Online portal for the customer to manage their reservation without the need of staff assistance.
Custom Shopping Carts - Customize your online shopping cart categories and product arrangement to maximize your sales.
Bundling - When promoting items or services, it can be a powerful feature to bundle items together. For example, a group party package may include 1hr admission for 10 to the trampoline area as well as 45 minutes in the party room. This would be a bundled product and by leveraging the High Trek POS software, would be a seamless process that would safeguard against overbooking and human error.
Discounts - Robust discount engine with customizable logical conditions. BOGO, advance purchase and Dynamic codes issued for each customer with time based expiration from transmission.
Reminders - Provide the convenience of reminders for your customers. Our tools make it easy to create and maintain your emails so take the opportunity to remind them of their reservation time, to fill out waivers, prepare for your visit (ie. proper attire), about your other services and offerings, or pretty much anything you can think of.
Reviews & Feedback - Communicate directly with customers with High Trek Feedback. We use best practices to solicit direct feedback when negative and promote Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Groupon, Google feedback with follow up surveys.
Email - over 16 standard transactional emails out of the box and capabilities to define custom logic and templates for any use case you can imagine.
Sales Tax Collection & Reporting - The software allows you to setup your tax rates and will populate the Sales Tax Liability accounts in QuickBooks. This will allow a seamless End of Month process for filing.
Financially Sound - Product level Sales Accounts, Tax, Deferred Revenue, Deposits, Gift Card Liability, Tips, Realized Sales, and much more are all handled by our solution.
Reduce Bookkeeping Expenses - With transactions imported automatically and from a single source you can complete your End of Month procedures quicker and with much less effort.
Eliminate Manual Entry - No need to consolidate numbers from multiple software packages and make manual entries. Since all transactions are imported you will have all the numbers you need.
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