Point of Sale

Touch Friendly POS

Use a keyboard and mouse or touch screen device to quickly fill the shopping cart.

Customize and Optimize your categories and button colors and arrangements. Speed up your checkout process and reduce the amount of training with simple and well organized Point of Sale screens.

Bar Tabs

Open a tab for a party, group, or individual.  For those venues that have a bar or corporate events, this feature allows the customers to suspend their order and add more items through out the event until they are ready to close the tab.  The tab feature requires the customer to provide a name and credit card to be authorized.

Cash Management

However much we would like to eliminate cash, many of our businesses can't afford not to accept cash. This is why we have a the capability to manage your cash transactions and have implemented best practices for retail cash management. Each terminal is required to open their till and record the amount of cash they have prior to being able to complete any transactions.
Staff will be able to close their till and conduct a count of cash on hand and note any discrepancies. Management then has access to reports regarding the cash activities.

Receipt Printers & Cash Drawers

Our system works with several receipt printer brands including Epson, Zebra, and Star Micronics. Our system also works with most cash drawers that use OPOS or RJ11 connections.

Our POS software also runs on IOS, Chromebooks, Windows, and we try to be agnostic as to the types of hardware you would like to use.

Scanner for Barcoded Snacks & Merchandise

With the simple addition of an inexpensive USB Desktop QR Code scanner as shown here, you can scan barcodes and other price tags on merchandise and they will be simply added to the shopping cart like at a convenience store. These scanners prevent mistakes of ringing the wrong item as well as speed up checkout times.

Unlimited Terminals & Terminal Types

Do you have different terminal types like front desk, food and beverage, bar, equipment rentals, etc? High Trek POS allows you to create and customize the layout of each terminal type, if you so choose you can have terminals that show all the available items and services or just a specialized selection for that terminal. You can register as many terminals as you need and set them to your preferred layout.

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