Farms & Agritourism Ticketing & POS Solution

What software is best for agritourism and farms?

POS software can help farms and agritourism businesses spread out customer and neighborhood traffic by allowing them to schedule appointments and create predetermined picking times or pre-paid orders for pickup. Here's how it might work:

Scheduled appointments: Farms and agritourism businesses can use POS software to allow customers to book appointments for activities such as u-cutting a Christmas tree, picking their own fruit or vegetables, taking a tour of the farm, or participating in other agritourism activities. By scheduling appointments, businesses can help spread out the flow of customers and reduce crowds at peak times.

Quick scan barcodes and QR Codes to allow customers to quickly scan to check-in for activities or pay for items. This can help speed up the checkout process and reduce wait times, especially for customers who have pre-picked baskets or are participating in ticketed activities like a corn maze.

Scheduled picking times: Farms and agritourism businesses can use POS software to create predetermined picking times for activities such as U-pick farms. This can help spread out the flow of customers and reduce crowds at peak times. One way this can be done for example with a U-Cut Christmas tree farm is that the client created 2 hour reservations for parking to manage the crowds as they enter the farm.

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jones family farm u-pick case study youtube video

Case Study On Jones Family Farms Implementation of High Trek POS

Learn how Jones Family Farms streamlined their operations during every season from berries to winery to pumpkins to Christmas trees.

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Some of the use cases for our Software Solution include:

U-pick farms admission, parking, and crowd management
Corn maze Ticketing and Admission
Hayride Ticketing
Farm tour Reservations
U-Cut Christmas Tree Pre-Sales and Crowd Management, See this article:
"Optimizing Your Christmas Tree Farm Business with Comprehensive Software Solutions"
Harvest festivals Ticketing
Farm-to-table dinner reservations
Farm education programs
Farm animal petting zoos
Farm-based camp programs
Farm-based birthday parties
Farm-based team building events
Wine tastings reservations
Cider tastings reservations
Brewery tours Ticketing
Distillery tour Ticketing
Farm-based yoga or wellness retreats
Farm-based cooking classes or workshops
Farm-based art or craft classes or workshops
Farm-based music festivals or concerts

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