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Waivers are not just to appease the lawyers, they have value for your business.

Collecting emails and birthdays for marketing purpose. High Trek collects more than just the organizer. The system will log all participants and their parents in the case of minors, so you can rapidly grow your email list. All of this data can also be automatically imported into our recommended email marketing platforms for your next email campaign.

Organizer Waiver Portal

Have you ever considered how to make the waiver collection process easier on you and your staff? Let High Trek POS help. We understand how the waiver process can cause delays that jeopardize the start of your customer events. That is why we developed a Portal that is available for the customer / event organizer for each reservation. From the portal the customer can generate a unique url to send to invited guests so that they can complete their waivers. The Customer will have visibility to all the completed waivers. Periodic reminder emails will go to the organizer to prepare their group for their event. The organizers will be able to quickly determine and then solicit the missing waivers. With High Trek, you will find that waivers are often completed by the time customers show up for their event.

Digital Waivers for Online Booking
Liability Waivers for POS

Customizable: As much customer data as your requirements demand.

Select the fields that you want to require. For most businesses simply capturing a zip code is sufficient rather than collecting an entire mailing address. Other field options include: Emergency Contact, Middle Name, No Address at all.

You can also create custom acknowledgement statements. This feature will require the signer to confirm and acknowledge their understanding of specific text in order to electronically sign the waiver.

Child waivers completed with adult waivers and linked

Parents can conveniently complete the waivers for themselves and their children at the same time. The collection of the birth dates is also a valuable marketing tool to be able to send birthday promotions to the parents encouraging them to host the child's birthday party at your venue.
The birthday emails can be setup with our marketing partner to automatically send with your promotion.

Digital Liability Waivers for Activity Business

Customer Waiver Terminals or QR Codes to the Form

We have support for instore customer waiver terminals, but COVID has changed that process for most of our clients and now the simplest solution is QR code to waivers. This allows clients to use their own devices and to utilize the autofill they have on their phones to quickly populate the waiver fields. You don't need any additional hardware to maintain and almost every adult entering your venue has a smartphone.

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Other Waiver Functions include:

Summary of benefits of digital waivers

Digital liability waivers have several benefits compared to traditional paper waivers. Some of the benefits of digital liability waivers include:Convenience: Digital waivers can be completed online from any device with an internet connection, making it easier and more convenient for participants to sign up for events or activities.

Speed: Digital waivers can be completed and submitted in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need for participants to fill out lengthy paper forms.Accuracy: Digital waivers can reduce the risk of errors or omissions, as participants can review and confirm the information they are providing before submitting the waiver.

Environmentally friendly: Digital waivers eliminate the need for paper, which can be more environmentally friendly.

Cost-effective: Digital waivers can be less expensive to produce and distribute than paper waivers, as they do not require printing or mailing.

Record keeping: Digital waivers can be stored electronically, making it easier to maintain records and track who has completed a waiver. This can be particularly useful for organizations that host multiple events or activities.

Overall, digital liability waivers provide a quick, convenient, and accurate way for participants to sign up for events or activities while also reducing costs and improving record keeping.