Multi-Activity & Party Packages

Does your business offer more than one activity?

If so, High Trek POS is a valuable tool that will empower you to be very creative with your offerings & packages. You will be able to create multi activity tickets (aka. bundles) that manage your equipment and resource capacities and reserve the resources at just the right time, but more importantly, enable to you offer unique experiences your competitors can't.

Party Room Reservations

Do you have one or more party rooms that you would like to package with your activity offerings? Our software can schedule and sequence events for when the customer will be using the resources. Suppose you would like to offer 30 minutes of climbing walls, followed by a 15-minute break, followed by 30-minutes of VR, followed by an hour in a party room. The software will seamlessly manage this so that all the resources are consumed per the schedule and ensures that there will be no conflicts. These capabilities will maximize your resources and create unique offerings your customers will love.

Bundle Schedule Management

Just because you have created a unique bundled package that your rivals can't compete with, doesn't mean you don't have full flexibility to customize the schedule of various activities. Once an order is placed for the bundle of services, you will be able to adjust individual activity times as needed.

You also have the ability to split the taxes and income accounts according to the goods and services included in the package.


Sometimes customers need to take it one activity at a time when shopping. Our upselling feature will let customers add their preferred activity with date and time selections and then offer them additional services you would like to offer them. The upsell items can be offset from the start time of the first activity purchased so your resources are used at just the right time. The upsell screen is also a good time to offer merchandise food & beverage, or other rental items that may enrich the customer's experience.

Collect Deposits

Large package deals tend to be more expensive then general admission tickets, especially when it comes to a large group. One way to reduce friction and increase the conversion rate on these large groups is to accept a small deposit percentage and then collect the final payment the week of or day of the event. The High Trek system allows you the flexibility to turn the deposit feature on for select items. One customer reported 3x party bookings when they allow deposits to secure the sale.

Eliminate Overbookings

With High Trek, overbooking is never an issue. Whether your orders are big or small, capacities and resources will be seamlessly accounted for to take and take all the stress off the staff wo "keep the schedule". Convenient capacity and reservation reports are integrated into the software to keep you in tune with the schedule for the day and the upcoming reservations.

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