Customer Communication

Proactive communication to reduce calls and labor

Proactive communication can help businesses save on labor in several ways.Sending reminder emails can help to reduce the number of no-shows or last-minute cancellations. This can be a significant problem for businesses that rely on pre-booked sessions or tickets, as empty slots or unsold tickets can result in lost revenue and wasted labor.

Reminder emails can also help streamline the check-in process. At busy  activity businesses, long lines at the check-in desk can be a major source of bottlenecks and inefficiency. By sending reminder emails that include important information such as booking details or waiver forms, customers can arrive at the venue prepared and ready to check in quickly and efficiently. This can help to reduce the need for additional staff at the check-in desk and save on labor.

Integration with Promotional Email Platform

Send Constant integration. Import all opted-in contacts into centralized mailing list. We include 23+ custom fields from the POS to enable segmenting, auto responders, drip campaigns, birthday emails, and more.

By integrating your POS system with your email platform, you can use customer data such as purchase history and preferences to send targeted and personalized promotional emails. This can help increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and lead to higher conversion rates.

Increased efficiency: Integrating your bookings and waivers  with your email platform can help streamline your marketing efforts and reduce the time and effort required to create and send promotional emails. No importing required and the subscriptions will be managed by the email platform.

Enhanced email analytics: By integrating your POS system with your email platform, you can gain access to more detailed analytics about the effectiveness of your promotional emails, including information about open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. This can help you fine-tune your marketing strategy and improve the results of your promotional emails.

Custom Triggered emails based on user-defined business logic

High Trek's communication platform allows you to create email templates that can be transmitted based on specific business logic which you define. Use cases for this might be when a customer books a summer camp product or you get a booking for a team building event. You can have predefined emails prepared to provide specific instructions for the particular item purchased.

Post Visit Email & SMS

Communication with the customer after they visit your venue is crucial for the success of your business. Sending a short survey via SMS or email can be a quick and effective way to gather customer feedback about their experience at your business. This can help you identify areas for improvement and understand what customers enjoyed about their visit. Even more important is creating a pathway for your clients to create online reviews for your business. Everyone knows how important google reviews are for generating traffic to your location and with proper use of post visit emails you can increase the review rates.

Another great function for these emails is for your business to cross-sell another location, upsell season passes, or provide a discount or incentive for a return visit in the near future. All of these options can be a great way to increase revenue and encourage repeat visits.

Custom Inquiry and Quote Request Forms

A Custom Inquiry form can be a useful tool for your business. You can streamline your sales process by collecting all requests into the Leads CRM portion of our software. You can save time by making sure the right questions are asked and reduce the back and forth during the information collection phase of the sales process because in most cases the required fields will provide the information necessary to provide a quotation to the customer. Tailor your questions based on the activities the customers are looking. You likely will ask very different questions for a youth birthday party versus a corporate event and you can make forms for each scenario.

Our Leads Tools also allow you to centralize all your communications with the customers so that all individuals in the organization have clear visibility to the inquiries and responses. You can create custom quotes for large groups and manage the workflow of the lead through the sales funnel all the way to conversion. Learn more about our Quote Tool.

We have over 16 standard transactional emails out of the box

You can customize the text and messaging on our transactional emails and insert custom placeholders like order ID, reservation date, customer name, waiver links, and change reservation links.

Some of the transaction emails include: order receipt, abandon cart, waiver complete, quote notifications, quote expiration warning, rain check message, season pass booking confirmation, refund receipts, and many more.

SMS Deliverability

SMS (short message service) can improve deliverability in several ways:

Higher open rates: SMS messages have a much higher open rate compared to email, with around 98% of SMS messages being opened within the first three minutes of being received. This means that SMS messages are more likely to be delivered and read by the intended recipient.

Fewer spam filters: SMS messages are less likely to be flagged as spam by email filters, which means that they are more likely to be delivered to the intended recipient.

Better engagement: SMS messages tend to have higher engagement rates compared to email, which can lead to better conversion rates.

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