Labor Reductions

Labor Reduction

Are your labor costs continuing to go up? Are your staff members always answering calls and responding to emails and trying to fix problems due to the scheduling and capacity shortcomings of your current software solutions? Get familiar with how High Trek POS can help you out.

Sell more online and get fewer phone calls.

High Trek POS has all the product creation tools to create a full menu of bookable tickets, including large groups, multi-activity combo tickets, and party packages. You will be able to add in all the details and descriptions up front for your customers and answer their questions before they even think of asking. Done correctly, you will be able to focus your sales team on the all important large group sales.

Simple and Mobile Optimized Online Checkout

Having a great online ordering process reduces your ticket lines and allows more efficient use of your staff.

Some software solutions want to charge customers more for purchasing online, but instead, anything that allows the customer to serve themselves without interacting with a staff member is a labor savings.

When it comes to food and beverage sales the sales counter is usually the bottleneck and it doesn't scale. However, an unlimited number of customers can all be placing their food orders in parallel.

Self-Service Rescheduling

Any feature that reduces phone calls and the labor required to answer, will provide a huge impact on your bottom line. High Trek has a powerful feature that allows customers to change their booking date and times according to your specifications and if space is available. Keep in mind that there are no financial adjustments involved with these events. So why not let fine tune their reservation while simultaneously minimizing phone calls?


Rainchecks are most commonly used by outdoor activity businesses that have weather events but may also be used by indoor businesses if there is a power outage or inclement weather situation that affects normal business operations. On these occasions, you can quickly set a parameter of reservations and customers whom you would like to issues vouchers for them to pick an alternate date and time to fulfill their order. The goal is to quickly empower blocks of customers to re-book their times without having to issue credits.

Automated Communication & Reminders

You could have your employee go through a list of upcoming reservations and call all the customers to remind them to do their waivers and arrive 20 minutes before their reservation time, but that would be costly. Instead let the software do all the work for you and send automated emails and SMS messages reminding customers to take action and even following up with the customer after their experience to evaluate their satisfaction and request a review.

Online Ordering of F&B

If you are offering food and beverage, you probably know how intense it can be to take those orders and get them in the system and back to the kitchen, if needed. High Trek POS can help relieve the stress and labor costs. Customers can place the orders online from there table or activity location and they can immediately appear at the counter or back in the kitchen for preparation, bypassing the need for POS entry. You can even create a special food and beverage shopping cart for in person customers. This menu can be promoted with QR code at tables or various places around the venue so customers can pull up on their phones.

Digital Waivers for Online Booking

Customer Waiver Management

Want to save the labor time used in collecting and verifying waivers? With High Trek, the customer who places the order will be deemed the event organizer and receive the tools to self-manage the collection and ticket assignment for the waivers. That way, when they arrive on the day of the event, there is little or no work for the employees to prepare.

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