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Capture customer information through waivers

Sometimes waivers are required by insurance carriers, but even if they are not required the collection of waivers provides collection of valuable marketing data. Normally businesses only get information from the customer who is purchasing the tickets or hosting a birthday party, but through the use of waivers you are able to collect the names of the participants attending as well as the contact information of the parents of the attendees. So, for a party with 10 participants, you can collect 20+ data points including names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Powerful Discount Engine

Robust discounting functionality that allows you to create discounts for unique conditions and apply the discounts to specific products, categories, or the entire order. You can also create convenient buttons for the staff to quickly access  frequently used discounts.

We also have the ability to generate unique discount codes for every customer that can be sent via email with an embedded expiration date. Use case would be for someone that visits your venue and you want to provide them with a follow up offer that provided a discount if they purchased a return ticket in the next 5 days. These unique discounts can also be integrated with our Marketing Email integration for birthday email offers.

End to End Analytics and Conversion Tracking

With High Trek POS you can gain better visibility into your online ecommerce and channels where your conversions are originating. You will also gain clear visibility to your funnel and the performance of landing pages and how likely they are to convert. You can also track the success and performance of email campaigns you conduct.

Return on Ad Spend Visibility

Spending dollars towards marketing is the best way to gain new customers for your business, but you must have a method to evaluate the keywords and/or the creative you are using to advertise with. We help our clients deploy marketing tracking on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Ads and other ad platforms so that there is clear visibility to the return on ad spend (ROAS). With the visibility on ROAS you can make better decisions as to where to spend your money and what is and isn't working. If you are getting a 10x ROAS then you should increase your budget and if you are seeing 3x or lower you should consider stopping your ads and trying something else that may perform better.

Capture Email and SMS Opt-Ins

We always want to maximize our marketing opportunities, within customers' acceptable preferences. That is why, we have opt-in options for customers along the way. Our mobile number and email collection tools will help you build the best most versatile transactional and marketing list to help you grow your business.

Vouchers & Gift Capabilities

Near unlimited ways to package your products and services as gifts. You can use a digital gift card with a dollar amount loaded. Digital gift codes can be emailed to self for printing and gifting physically in person or they can be emailed to their special someone on a specific date of their choosing. Gift vouchers are like Groupons, where you can gift your general services in single or pack quantities of your choosing to be redeemed in one use or multiple, whichever you decide. Vouchers can be set for expiration at any length of days or calendar date of your choosing. This is a very powerful tool for holiday, birthday, and almost any other periodic promotion.

High Trek POS also can provide Electronic Gift Cards, but we encourage our clients to emphasize pre-paid experiences (vouchers) over Gift Cards because of the financial and legal rules and restrictions around gift cards.

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