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High Trek POS

The only All-in-one point of sales solution for in-destination activities and experience based businesses.

The competitors in our space are geared towards “Retail” / “Online Bookings”. Other solutions fall short in the facility operational requirements around POS, Cash, and Waivers. They also fail to deliver solutions for group events and more complicated corporate events, which make up a significant share of most entertainment businesses.

Do you own or manage an experienced based company that provides an activity such as paintballing, trampolining, ziplining or river rafting?  

If so, then you need High Trek's robust point of sales solution. This is software designed by operators for operators.  Sign up for more information and receive our free white paper on the 8 Financially Savvy Moves for Every Activity or Experience Based Business   

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To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an activity based business.



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