Online Booking & Ticketing

Online Booking

Most customers prefer to book their tickets and reservations online. Some of the reasons include: they like the convenience, the ability to skip the line at arrival, and the peace of mind of having secured a reservation in advance and "saving their spot".
Businesses value the labor-savings of online booking because it minimize phone interactions and reduces the amount of staff required for walk-up customers at the ticket office.

There are three main types of tickets that High Trek POS software supports:

Gate Admission & Open Ended Tickets

Ability to sell tickets that can be redeemed on any day you are open. It is good for parks or events where you aren't concerned with managing capacity limit. Some examples would be zoo admission, water parks, fair activities, and more. Customers can print their ticket with QR code or they can display the QR code on their phone to gain access to your venue.

Date-Specific Tickets

If you have capacity constraints on the number people that can visit a single event date, then you may want to sell tickets for a specific date and track how many are booked for that date. Some use cases for this might include summer camps, concert events, cabana rentals, or date specific admission.

Time-Based Tickets

If you have an activity that has very rigid capacity constraints, then you likely require a time-based ticket where the customer creates a booking for a specific date and time. This is the type of ticket is commonly used when you have resource constraints that temporarily utilize equipment such as harnesses, lanes, or rooms. It is important to be very specific with the customer about when their activity starts, so that as soon as they are done, you can service the next group of customers. By this method, you are maximizing the number of tickets you can sell within your various resource limitations.

Capacity Management

One of the most overlooked benefits of the software is how it seamlessly manages your capacities. Tickets sold online will only be within your preset operating calendar hours. If your activity lasts one hour, the system is smart and knows that the last ticket sold must be an hour before your closing hours on that day, so you can close on time, every time. Not only that, with your preset capacity constraints, you can be assured that the system will not allow overbookings of activities, while maximizing the sales on what you do have available.

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