Food & Beverage Ordering

For many businesses, Food & Beverage represents a large portion of their sales.

In order to maximize your food and beverage it is important to have a smooth system that is simple to operate, gives your business the ability to quickly deliver the product, and move customers through quickly.

Mobile Ordering

One of the best things that has come from COVID is customers willingness and comfort with mobile ordering. This means that you can have fewer staff members taking orders and more staff members preparing orders.

Generate a QR Code and a specific shopping cart for each unique food location at your venue. Customers can by pass lines and get their orders into queue.

The orders will pop-up on a screen and issue an audible alert to initiate the ticket printing.

Modifiers for Special Orders

There is a certain percentage of the population that is always going to want to change how their food is prepared. If you want to offer your customers the ability to add or remove ingredients from a food item, then modifiers can be configured to accomplish this. Custom pizza toppings or only pickles and mustard on the burger, it can be done if you choose to allow it.

Kitchen Printers

Print Tickets to Central Kitchen Network Printer

Send multiple POS terminal orders to a single central networked printer in the kitchen. No need to run the order to the kitchen. A copy can be automatically printed in the kitchen.

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Benefits of a Food and Beverage POS

A food and beverage point of sale (POS) system is a computerized system that allows restaurants, cafes, and other food and beverage establishments to process orders, manage inventory, and track sales. Some benefits of using a food and beverage POS system include:

Increased efficiency: A food and beverage POS system can streamline the order taking and payment process, allowing staff to focus on providing excellent customer service.

Accurate order taking: A food and beverage POS system can reduce the risk of errors when taking orders, as the system can automatically calculate the total cost of the order and update inventory levels in real-time.

Improved inventory management: A food and beverage POS system can track inventory levels and alert managers when it's time to restock certain items, helping to reduce waste and increase profitability.

Enhanced customer experience: A food and beverage POS system can provide a more efficient and personalized experience for customers, as it allows staff to access customer information and preferences quickly and easily.

Comprehensive reporting: A food and beverage POS system can provide detailed reports on sales, inventory, and customer data, which can help managers make informed decisions about the business.

Overall, a food and beverage POS system can help food and beverage establishments operate more efficiently, improve customer service, and make informed decisions about their business.