All-in-One Software Solution

complete software package eliminates unwanted software subscriptions

Most businesses are using many different software products to operate their business. Consolidate functions into one software solution for Online Booking, Point of Sale, Online Waivers, Merchandise, Customer Management, and Email Communication. Our software combines all the features and eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions.

What is included?

Digital Waivers, Online Booking, Online Ticketing, Online Food Ordering, Point of Sale, Reporting, Cash Management, Attendance Management, Customer Relationship Management, Transactional Emails & SMS, Food & Beverage Sale, Season Pass & Memberships, Gift Cards, Prepaid Vouchers, Group Reservations, Quotations, QuickBooks Accounting Integration, Marketing Integration, and more.

Simple Solution - With one piece of software, there is less confusion and a shorter training time. Employees don't need to learn what software should be used for each situation and scenario.

All Customer Transaction & Customer Data in One Place - You no longer have to import waiver data into your marketing list or merge your customers from your point of sale with your online bookings. There is one database that holds all the information

No double entry of information - No manual entry from one system to another and no exporting and importing from one software to the other. Everything you need is consolidated in one location.

Cloud Based Software - No special software to maintain or install. All you need is a web browser and you can be up and running. Solution is secure and can be used with any hardware devices anywhere with an internet connection.

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