Marketing & CRM

The advantage of having an all in one system is there is no need to import or export customer data because it is all in one place. Everything is kept current and the POS is the system of record.

  1. Customer Database - Using the High Trek Waiver System that is included with POS will help lay the groundwork for having a robust directory of customers that you can market to. Export lists for doing physical mailers or other traditional marketing uses.
  2. Customer Tagging - This capability lets you group and classify your customers using tags.  You can then provide special discounts or marketing to specific groups of customers.
  3. Detailed Customer History - Customer history and loyalty is automaticall saved under the customers account so you can easily view purchases and account balances.
  4. Reviews & Feedback - Communicate directly with customers with High Trek Feedback. We use best practices to solicit direct feedback when negative and promote Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, Groupon, Google feedback with follow up surveys.
  5. Promotions - Make sure your business is top of mind for your customer by sending email marketing. Rotate emails between event reminders, coupons, and discounts for maximum impact.
  6. Groupon Supported - Groupon often gets a bad rap. No other discount site has the following that Groupon does. Be strategic with your Groupon offering but leverage the opportunity to get your name out. High Trek POS offers integrated support including importing of voucher lists, ecommerce, and collection of sales tax only (as Groupon does not collect sales tax).
  7. Discounting - By order or by line item discounting is supported by High Trek POS. You can make quick buttons for common discounts like Military Discount, Sr. Discount, Facebook Share Discount, etc. You can discount by a percentage off or by a flat dollar amount.
  8. Bundling - When promoting items or services, it can be a powerful feature to bundle items together. For example, a group party package may include 1hr admission for 10 to the trampoline area as well as 45 minutes in the party room. This would be a bundled product and by leveraging the High Trek POS software, would be a seemless process that would safeguard against overbooking and human error.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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