Food & Beverage Capabilities

If your location serves food and beverages then in most cases you have an additional software solution to handle this area of your business.

Print Tickets to Central Kitchen Network Printer

Capability to send all multiple POS terminal orders to a single central networked printer in the kitchen. No need to run the order to the kitchen. A copy can be automatically printed in the kitchen.

Touch friendly Point of Sale that allows you to organize your items for your staff to find them easily. Additional tabs can be added for other categories for efficient organization. Simple to use platform reduces training time.

Items with Modifications

Whether you serve burgers, pizza, or salad, your customers are going to want the food prepared a particular way.

Remove Items

Customer simply wants the burger plain, we can do that or they don't like pickles then those can be removed

Add / Upsell 

Additions like bacon on a burger or extra toppings on a pizza can easily be added to the item with an upcharge. Great way to generate additional revenue.

Special Order Notes

High maintenance customer? Those times when you need to provide extra instructions to the cook you can supply an additional note per item.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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