Memberships, Season Passes, & Subscriptions

Expiration Dates and Photo Verification

Create Digital Memberships for your venue with photo verification, entitlements, online booking, and member discounts.

Online Booking and Reservations for Members

Organizers expect to be treated differently if they are bringing 20 or more guests. High Trek POS has developed a system that allows you to manage your inquiries and leads. These tools allow you to manage the communication with the prospective clients, create special tasks, provide special pricing, and to create custom products and offerings per the customers requests.

Discounts for Members

Do you ever offer Full Venue Rentals or "Buyouts" to your large groups? If you offer exclusive use of your facility for large groups, you can seamlessly manage these quotes and their corresponding capacity and inventory management with our quote tool. Avoid double booking or overbooking and easily block out your large events, creating increased demands during the shoulder times.
No special overrides or calendar adjustments are required. If you build out a Full Venue Rental Product it can be configured to automatically consume all of the resources for your venue and prevent new bookings for this time period.

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