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Feature List

Hear are some of the features of our software, but this is far from a complete list.

Feature Details
No ContractsWe are so confident in your satisfaction with HTPOS that we don't have annual contracts. You can cancel anytime.
Cloud BasedAccess the POS from anywhere. Built on Amazon AWS infrastructure with regular backups and redundancy built in. Secure and inexpensive. No need to install software on your computers or run updates.
All in OneAll in one software package.  Eliminate using multiple software packages for Online Booking, POS, Waiver, Merchandise, Customer Management, and Email Marketing.  Our software combines all the features and eliminates the need for multiple software subscriptions.
Integrated WaiverOnline Waiver Capabilities
Adult and Minors on one waiver form.
Expiration of Minor when they turn 18.
Customizable Waiver Text
Waiver Verification Workflow for Large groups and streamlined customer checkin.
Email, address, Birthday's collected for re-marketing potential.
ReportingFast Staff Training
No Proprietary HardwareOur software runs off of a Google Chrome web browser and you can supply your own hardware.  We have compatability with most receipt printers and other standard peripherals.
Gate AdmissionsBarcoded Tickets and Redemption
All Day tickets, one time use.
Scanning supported on multiple devices.
Food & BeverageKitchen Ordering Capabilities.
Tax-Included Capabilities
Food Special Order capabilities.
Duplicate order receipt printing to kitchen.
Robust Point of SaleIntegrated Point of Sale system that uses centralized customer list and integrates all bookings, sales of all types, and waivers.
Touch Enabled Configurable MenuCustomize Button Layout, Colors, Groupings within Tabs.
Large Buttons and interface to allow interaction without mouse or keyboard.
Multiple Terminal ProfilesAbility to configure POS Profiles for different functions of your business.
Create different layout and functions for your enterance/gate versus your Kitchen versus your Merchandise Store.
Running/Open TabsCapability for customer to provide credit card and open the tab for their time at the park. Tabs can be closed when customers are done with their party or activities
Punch CardsSupport do create punch cards for any type of service or product that you sell. Punch-Cards are electronically tracked and linked to the customers email address.
Open and Close Cash TrackingCash Opening and closing procedures and reports recording denominations and cash transactions throughout the day.  User or Terminal Level cash till tracking.  
Electronic Gift CertificatesRedeem and Sell eGift Cards for your organization.  
Barcode scanningStreamlined Checkout of snacks and merchandise using barcodes.
Online Booking and ReservationsDirect integration in your website.
Realtime Availability Verification.
Group Party Support
Online and POS bookings all in same database.
Ability to book outside business hours through POS
Group & Party ManagementOnline booking of Parties
Deposit Collection: Allows you to configure the percentage that you require to collect as a deposit when booking, balance due at the event.
Party Quotations
Robust Discounting Functionality and Customization
Advanced Qualifiers: Create custom rules for qualifying for discount.
Advanced Discount Application Rules: Create Custom rules for what the discount is applied to. Apply discount to only specific products or services.  BOGO
Create Discount Buttons on POS to allow staff to quickly apply a discount to the sale.
Advanced Products ManagementBundled Items: Create a product that when added to the cart includes multiple other items for one package price. 
Event and Capacity Based Items: Items that have fixed resources and capacity. 
Multiple Participant Items Group Activities like a birthday party can include multiple tickets and will allow for inventory booking and availability for the entire group. Example if you had a facility that had a capacity of 40 participants, a party package configured with 10 participants can be scheduled and the system would allow 4 of these packages to be booked at the same time

Day & Time Restricted Tickets: You can define special pricing or ticket types that are only good for specific days of the week or hours of the day. The reservation system will populate the reservation calander only showing allowed times as being available for booking. 

Facility Bookings Rentals of party rooms, cabanas, pavilions, and tents. Facilities can be configured to scheduling increments as small as 15 minutes and as large as all day.
Accounting IntegrationIntegration with Quickbooks Online
Marketing IntegrationsGroupon Booking support: Collect and validate Groupon Codes in POS and online bookings
Email Booking Reminders: Reminders Sent a week in advance of reservatons.
Mailchimp Mailing List Integration: Customers that request Marketing communication are directly added to your mail chimp account and maintainted.
Season Pass/MembershipPhoto Captured and Displayed when Accessing Facility
Barcode and RFID scan integrations
Attendance Tracking for Season Pass Visits
Ecommerce AnalyticsProvides ability for End to End Conversion Tracking.
Google Analytics & Google Adwords Conversion tracking End to End.
User Profile ManagementCreate Layers of Access for Users
Track which employees are working at each terminal and how they are performing.
Always ImprovingWe invite you to dream big on what the software could become as we work to make the software great for your business.  
We value our input and strive to deliver what you are asking for.
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To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an activity based business.


Toll Free: (833) TREK-POS
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