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Touch Optimized Interface

Speed up your checkout process and reduce the amount of training with simple and well organized Point of Sale screens.

Organize your Interface
the way you like it!

Create Button Groups

You can create as many groups of buttons you like.  These are represented by the tabs at the top like Admissions.  Under each tab/group you can define 30 different buttons.

Modify the Colors

Define your own color patterns or color scheme to visually communicate a sub-group of buttons on the page as shown above.  All weekday tickets can be one color and weekend tickets another color.

Define the Button Text

You can also customize the text that appear on the buttons for specific products.  This text will never be displayed to the customer.  You can also decide if you want to hide or show pricing on the buttons


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an activity based business.


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