We offer enterprise level software at a small business price point. Our subscription costs are very competitive and range between 1.5% down to 0.5% of your gross revenue based on your growing sales volume.  We find that most comparable software solutions are charging anywhere between 3 and 6%.

  1. NO CONTRACTS - We at High Trek are so confident in our software solution that you will only pay us month to month and you can cancel at anytime. Although we have no longer term contract, don't be surprised if we become your lifelong partner in making your activity business great!
  2. FIXED PRICING - We do not charge a percentage of your revenue on every transaction. Our prices are fixed for the entire year and you will know what your cost is every month with out any variable expenses.
  3. PRICING TIERS - Our pricing is dependant on your annual revenue processed through the system. Our first tier starts at $150 a month, but we will quote you on the appropriate pricing tier based on your conservative revenue projection for the first year. After the first year your pricing tier will be determined by the revenue processed in HT POS the prior year. Our goal is to help your business grow to the next tier. You don't pay more unless we help you grow your sales.
  4. CREDIT CARD PROCESSING - We work with 2 credit card processors (First Data & Worldpay/Vantiv).  We often find that we can get most of our customers a better rate than what they are currently paying which offsets their overall subscription costs.
  5. All Inclusive Pricing - We won't nickle and dime you for every little feature or enhancement.  You get everything we have to offer with your subscription.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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