Always Improving

 We would like to thank each one of our customers for being an integral part of the High Trek POS team. Without your input, our product wouldn't be near as useful. We invite you to dream big on what the software could become as we work to make the software great for your business.  We see the users of our software as Partners and not as customers.

Give us feedback!

If you would like to report or advise us on anything pertaining to our software, please choose which of the three types of notices below your information fits and send us an email.

  1. Bug/Issue - If a tool or feature is not working properly, we want to know right away. Please use the form below to notify our development team and to get an assigned case number.
  2. Small Improvement - If you have a small improvement idea that can benefit High Trek POS users, please let us know.
  3. New Feature Request - When you have a big idea that involves new page or multiple screens of the POS that we should incorporate,, make a "new feature request" and we will prioritize it amongst the other potential software enhancements.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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