Seasons Passes & Memberships

Our Season Pass Solution allows you the flexibility to create any type of membership or season pass offering you desire.

Below are some of the capabilities you will find with our solution:

  • DURATION OPTIONS - You can select either fixed start dates like Jan 1st to establish a Season Pass that is good for a specific calendar year or create a pass with flexible start dates which will provide the ability for a pass that is good for a duration from the date of purchase.
  • MULTIPLE ACTIVITIES & ENTITLEMENTS - When a season pass is defined, you can specify specific activities and services that the pass holder is entitled to. For example, you could simply provide gate admission for a water park or provide a capacity based activity like a 2 hour climb on a ropes course.
  • FAMILY PASSES - Our solution will link season passes together that are purchased at the same time into a family group. This allows for quicker check-in and gate access since your staff can pull up any individual in the party and then view all of the related pass holders at the same time as shown below.
  • EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS - Using the High Trek POS discount engine you can create discounts that are triggered by season pass ownership. For example you could create a discount off General Admission companion tickets or provide season ticket holders with a percentage off all food and beverage purchases.
  • PHOTO VERIFICATION - Prevent unauthorized sharing of seasons passes by collecting photos of season pass holders for verification purposes.

Quick Verification and Redemption Process


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