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Get Realtime insight to the health and performance of your business.

  1. Multi-Venue/Store Reporting - With our secure cloud infrastructure, you can monitor multiple locations seamlessly.
  2. High Trek Dashboard - Quickly check-in and view real time reporting and graphs of in-store vs. online sales, orders, reservation counts, monthly sales, last 100 orders, and more... all from your High Trek Dashboard.  This is a great feature for getting up to speed in seconds.
  3. Open/Close Til Reports - Keep tabs on the cash handling and easily spot any discrepancies.  Cashiers can add notes that are viewable in the reports to account for various circumstances that arise.
  4. Detailed Sales Report - If you are looking for specific information on sales, this powerful tool allows you to isolate data based on sku (item/service), date, product name, terminal, or group.
  5. Customizable Dashboards - Create a view of the information you care about most.

To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an activity based business.


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