CRM & Quote Tool

Group Sales has never been easier!

  1. Customizable Web Forms - Create Group sales web forms that are specific to the various group types.  For example, for birthday parties, you may want to ask who the guest of honor is, how many participants they want, the preferred date and time, etc.  That way you will have all the necessary info to build a quote at your fingertips.
  2. Time & Labor Savings - One of the main benefits of the quote tool is the reduction or elimination of "phone and email tag".  Without this tool, customers would often call and leave a message or send an email.  Then, representatives would call back and leave a message and/or send an email, often like two ships passing in the night.  Now, you will often be able to quote a customer with the information from their completed web form alone.  If additional information is needed, you can use the integrated web messaging tool which will keep everything related to the lead in one place.
  3. Quote Builder - Build quotes directly within the POS software.  No need to open up another software suite or build the quote in an email.  The quote tool will check capacity availability upon quote creation as well as when the customer attempts to accept the quote and book the reservation online.
  4. Quote Status Tool - Customizable quote statuses allow you to move quotes along the funnel until it becomes an order.  Common stages include... New, Gathering Information, Quoted, Order Placed, etc.
  5. Customers Place Group Sales Orders Directly Online - With High Trek digital quotes, customers will receive an email that has a link to your website where they will be able to book the custom quote you created for their group.  No need for the customer to call, email, or come into the office.
  6. Group Sales Conversion Incentives - The High Trek Quote Tool includes features that can motivate potential customers to book now.  One is the ability to hold a reservation for a couple of days.  Customer will be warned when the reservation hold is going to expire and the capacity will be made available to the public again.  This encourages the customer to book early.  Another feature is the ability to offer a product discount with an expiration date.  If the customer books their even before the expiration date, they will receive the discount you created in their quote.
  7. Central Database of Customer Information - No need to move customer information between software suites.
  8. Capacities and Equipment Resources seamlessly managed and leveraged - The CRM software will ensure that there are no double bookings and that customers are encouraged to place their order early to secure their event.
  9. Automated Customer Follow-up & Reminders - The software has automated quote follow-up that is communicated.  It will help improve the performance of you Group Sales Department.
  10. To schedule a time to discuss all these features and how they can help your Group Sales, book a time on our calendar.

Integrated CRM, Group Sales & Quote Tools

Reduce or eliminate barriers that limit Group Sales.  Features include customizable web forms, quote builder utilizing web form entries, email quotes from POS software (no need to compile in an email), quotes can be accepted and ordered online, can be emailed and booked online by the customer.



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