POS Advanced Capabilities

Advanced features out of the box

We understand, you don't just sell stuff like other retailers, you are selling a memorable experience!! 

No other point of sales solution takes this into account like High Trek POS. Our solution is built around your type of service... providing a fun adventure they'll never forget.

  1. Custom Payment Options - On top of Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, and Gift Cards you can create your own tender types for offline transaction tracking.
  2. Split Tender - The POS accepts an unlimitted number payment methods on a single transaction. Simply enter the payment method and amount to be processed and the balance will be reduced for the next payment method collection.
  3. Punch Cards - A punch card is the way for a customer to purchase a pack of tickets or experiences in advance for a discounted rate.  The punch card will then be associated to their account and the customer can decrement and consume a ticket or more each time they return, without needing to pay for their order.
  4. Running/Bar Tabs - Open a tab for a party, group, or individual.  For those venues that have a bar or corporate events, this feature allows the customers to suspend their order and add more items through out the event until they are ready to close the tab.  The tab feature requires the customer to provide a name and credit card to be authorized.
  5. Order Notes - Make a notation on the order for management regarding special handling or special circumstances that may have occured resulting in extra discounts or compensation to the customer.
  6. Cash Management - Open and Close terminal with reporting of cash descrepancies.

Every terminal must be opened before any transactions can be processed.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.



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