Operating Hours Management

Global management of your facilities availability to the public.

Green = Default hours, Blue = Custom Hours, Red = Closed

Control the availability of all your tours and attractions with a Global Facility Operating Hours Calendar. Most booking software companies allow you to set your service availability at the product level, which is important. Yet, this can become tedious to manage when you are closing your facility for private events or venue rentals. The operational calendar is the perfect companion tool where you set your maximum open hours amongst your services. Customers will not be able to purchase tickets online for times outside of the defined hours on the facility calendar. Then, when you have a venue rental for a day or part of the day, simply close those hours and website visitors will be restricted from purchasing during those times. Detailed tour start times and availability by activity can also be set at the product level. The facility calendar has several unique features including:

  • Set standard default hours to quickly update future dates to these times.
  • Highlight multiple days at a time to update hours.
  • Utilize Seasonal Hours to define default business hours for specific date ranges.  This allows you to set hours for upcoming and future years based on prior business trends.
  • Add multiple open and close times during a single day (lunch, slow time, etc).

Although these tools help to prevent bookings during times of closure, the in store POS system allows employees to easily manually override times and place orders as needed.

Define special operating hours on holidays.


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