Online Booking and Reservations

Let your website be your best employee and reduce the amount of in-store transactions which will save you on labor costs.

  1. New Online Store - If you've never had an ecommerce website, High Trek can help you set one up.
  2. Upgrade Existing Website - Maybe you already have a simple website that you would like to improve or add ecommerce functionality to it. We can do that too.  
  3. High Trek Shopping Cart Only - If you are pleased with your existing website and just want to switch over to High Trek POS to handle your online bookings. We have the ability to host the transactional portion of your site, while you continue to use the web management software you are accustomed to.
  4. Abandon Cart Emails - When a customer fails to complete their transaction, we will send a reminder email the following day to help close the sale.  Sometimes the customer might get a phone call or some other type of interruption and need a reminder to circle back and complete their order.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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