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Integrated Digital Waiver

Out of the box solution for handling waivers for your activities

  1. Waiver  - Simply import your latest waiver version.  If you ever update the waiver, just upload the latest waiver and customers will be presented with that.  The system keeps track of your waiver upload dates.
  2. Connect Waivers to Orders - Customers can fill out and submit waivers online via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.  You may want to consider a kiosk in your store for customer convenience.  Once waivers are digitally signed and submited, they immediately become available in the POS to be connected to the orders.
  3. Support for Minors - waivers can be completed at the same time as the parent/guardian  is completing their own waiver.  One Adult can add multiple children under their account and complete the waiver for all minors in the family at one time.
  4. Record Retention - PDF copy stored and backed up in company repository as well as a copy is emailed to the Adult completing the waiver.
  5. Waiver Assignment/Validation - Every participant must be verified and assigned before tickets will be issued.

To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an activity based business.


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