Fotaflo Integration

A picture is worth a thousand words and with our Fotaflo software integration, now you can encourage your customers to share digital photos with colleagues, friends, and family. High Trek POS makes it easy to offer free photos to your customers or incorporate a digital photo package into your service offerings and raise your average order amount.

When customers check-in at the office, you can group participants together so that each person in that group will receive the digital photos for that group. Then, just take photos of that group from any device with a camera and Internet access (ie. phone, tablet, camera). Fotaflo will automatically text or email the customers a link to their photos. No need to collect email or phone again as we will already have that information from any waivered participants, making it an easy process. Once participants get their photos, they can easily share on social media which is fantastic for building your brand awareness.

Fotaflo offers many other features including the ability to add your business logo onto the images. To learn more, visit

Fotaflo App Works with IOS and Android


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