Customer Experience

Nothing is more important for your business than the quality of experience the customer receives.

  1. Online Bookings - Customers love the convenience of booking online and so should you. High Trek will software will integrate with your existing site to provide online purchase capabilities.
  2. Reminders - Provide the convenience of reminders for your customers. Our tools make it easy to create and maintain your emails so take the opportunity to remind them of their reservation time, to fill out waivers, prepare for your visit (ie. proper attire), about your other services and offerings, or pretty much anything you can think of.
  3. Easy Pay - Customers can pay as they please via all forms of credit and debit card with worldclass merchant service company. In store hardware enabled for EMV and mobile touchless/contactless payments such as Apple Pay. 
  4. Open Tab Feature - Keeping a tab open allows customers to purchase services, foot, and merchandise throughout their time at the venue. Allowing customers to pay at their convenience results in a higher overall ticket and eliminates unnecessary transaction fees.
  5. Receipt Options - Customers can have printed receipts or have receits emailed to their inbox. If chargebacks aren't an issue for your company, you can turn off signature receipts and save paper.
  6. Split Tender Payments - Customers can make deposit payments for group events. The balance can be paid upon arrival on the day of. Also, any order can receive split payments of cash or credit.
  7. Barcode Scanner Compatible - Works with most USB barcode scanners for quick and easy merchandise checkout.
  8. Easy Refunds - From the order receipt page you can quickly refund all or any portion of an item or order.
  9. Cut Waiting Lines - High Trek POS will make it quick and easy for staff to assign waivers to tickets and check people in so wait time will not be an issue. Regular retail orders will be even faster.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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