COVID-19 Capacity Management Software Solutions

Are you facing challenges with how you can manage the number of guests to your venue and need a way to throttle your visitors.  We can provide many solutions for these new challenges.

Social Distancing
The world is changing and it is more important than ever to spread people out. It has always been good for business and employee efficiency and productivity to distribute labor across the days and weeks. Now, not only is it good for business, but in many cases, it is required by health districts and municipalities. Don’t let this challenge discourage you. High Trek POS has the built in capabilities to throttle customers and crowds so that you maximize business efficiencies and meet current code requirements.

Contactless Transactions
To stop the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses, many states and counties are becoming stricter on contactless transactions. High Trek POS can help with those solutions. Allow customers to book or reserve online without having to order at a desk. Digital online waivers for activities can be done remotely. Post QR codes to direct people on ways to interact digitally. Tickets and passes can be barcode scanned all to minimize risk. When in-office purchases are necessary, proximity payments can be made at the credit card terminal, so as to avoid touching surfaces.

If you are part of an organization that is interested in capacity management software, High Trek POS is here to help. We would love to discuss your business needs and give you an online demo. 

Availability and Capacity are shown in real-time when booking online or in the store.

  1. Set Capacities - High Trek has a unique and important feature where you can set capacity limits for your activities or facilities. For example, you may have a capacity of 12 for horseback riding and 8 for pony rides at any given time. Or, you may have 4 escape rooms or 10 go-carts. Set this up in our system and link the corrosponding products to the capacity type and you will never have a problem of overselling your services.
  2. Create Time Based Activies or Services - Now that the capacity limits have been created for your facility or activities, you can easily create your time based products. Simply enter the max duration of the activity and High Trek POS will make sure services are available for sale based on availability to maximize your turns.
  3. Create Offsets - From our experiences, we know when a large group come thru, it often takes longer to get the experience started. This can throw off the rest of the schedule for the day. For this reason, we have created the offset feature where you can add a half hour or so buffer at the start of the event so the next group doesn't book and arrive before you're ready. Our software allows you to insert an offset for large groups so you will have time to reset before the next waive of customers. There is no need to manually schedule these events. This will save you and your staff a great deal of stress and it will allow you to put your best foot forward in terms of service and professionalism.


To provide one software solution to meet all of the needs of an entertainment and attractions business.


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