Cashless Payments

Your business has limited resources and it is important that they are managed in a way that will provide the best customer experience.

Silicone waterproof RFID Bracelets.

RFIDs, Barcodes, and QR Codes can all be used for implementing a cashless payment solution.

Adventure seekers usually don’t want to tote around their personal belongings as they enjoy all the activities you have to offer. Leverage your High Trek POS accounts cashless capabilities to deliver the best experience during their stay. Simply charge up the customers account using the POS software and associate an RFID bracelet or other with their account. Then, throughout the day or event, your customer will be able to use their bracelet to pay for services, merchandise, or food & beverage. Parents love this feature for maximum flexibility with their kids. Business owners love because it improves selling convenience and checkout efficiencies.

Cashless Use Cases

  1. Water Parks - No one wants to carry their cash or credit card around with them as they are enjoying a water park.  They also don't want to have to go back to their locker everytime they want to make a purchase.  Implementing silicone bracelets are a great solution for water parks.
  2. Kids and Families  - Some customers drop their children off for a day excitement at the park.  Parents can provide their children with access to their cashless payment and allocate funds to family members to use for lunches and activites.  Parents don't have to worry about kids losing cash or a credit card.
  3. Fewer Larger Transactions - A successfully implemented cashless payment strategy encourages customers to put large credits on their account for use throughout the day or throughout the season.  So you have a single transaction for $100 versus many transactions occuring everytime the customer purchases food & beverages through


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